About Us

SABUJ GROUP is a focused and progressive multinational group of companies aiming to add value to our customers’ business via its products, services and innovative solutions.

The Group has a diversified portfolio with presence in multiple spheres such as Home Décor Manufacturing & Export, Garden Decor Manufacturing & Export, Jute Diversified Products manufacturing & Export, Apparel manufacturing & Export, Dairy Farming, Fisheries, Agricultural Products Manufacturing & Export, Building Construction & Contracting, Import & Export, Sourcing and Trading. With our passion for innovation, we create products and services for the customers around the world.





Sabuj Group’s mission is to provide high quality products and satisfactory services to its customers worldwide in order to make long term ethical business relationship.


Vision of Sabuj Group is to become one of the leading group of companies in the country within 2030.


Principle, Integrity, Loyalty, Trust, Equality, Reliability, Compassion, Respect, Lawfulness, Choice, Providing excellence, Responsibility, Upholding reputation, Behaviour, Accountability, Relationship.